Lifeguard praised after rescuing two swimmers caught in a rip current in Skegness

Actions of a lifeguard who saved two swimmers struggling to return to shore has been praised by an onlooker.
RNLI lifeguard Henry Houlden.RNLI lifeguard Henry Houlden.
RNLI lifeguard Henry Houlden.

The youngesters had entered the water between the RNLI flags but drifted outside the swim zone and into a rip current near the pier.

Although the rescue occurred outside the red and yellow flags, lifeguard Henry Houlden was able to keep an eye on them while he was on patrol and rescued the swimmers.

Deborah Wickes was watching; She said: “The lifeguard called another guard from the tower to take his place patroling. Then he calmly launched his body board into the freezing cold water and paddled out to them. They were determined to swim to shore, he stayed with them, one made it back, but he brought the other two back to the beach on his board.

“Well done to the life guard on duty, there could have been a very different outcome.”

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