Lincolnshire Bike Week to go ahead despite authorities withdrawing support

Organisers behind the upcoming Lincolnshire Bike Week on the coast are still pushing ahead - despite the district council and other local authorities withdrawing their support.

Just one of the events taking place will be Mablethorpe Bike Night.

Duncan Hollingworth, Property Services Manager at East Lindsey District Council, said none of the Lincolnshire Bike Week events will now be run on council ground due to them failing to provide the required documentation to demonstrate to the Council and East Lindsey Safety Advisory Group (ELSAG) that they had addressed issues previously raised with them with regard to their event planning.

Mr Hollingworth said: “The issues with Lincolnshire Bike Week principally focused on ensuring the event was run safely for those attending.

“As such, regrettably, the Council has been forced to withdraw its consent for the event to take place on Council-managed land.

“The Council is keen to encourage events to come to the area, but will only support events on land it is responsible for when the organisers can demonstrate they are safe.”

However Coastal Events CIC, who are organising the Bike Week, hit back at the Council’s claims and stressed that their events would still be going ahead as planned.

A spokesman for Coastal Events CIC said: “We have been working with ELDC and ELSAG for six months and complied with all safety requirements, over and above those necessary to put safe events, three of which we have successfully delivered in previous years.

“Constraints and complexities of ELDC and ELSAG this year have made delivering any event almost impossible.

“Coastal Events CIC was formed to add innovative and quality events to the traditional offer to the tourist economy, and perhaps our only fault was to be too ambitious in our plans for Lincolnshire Bike Week!”