Lincolnshire bluebells destroyed by trail bikes

A beautiful carpet of bluebells at one of the Woodland Trust's top ten bluebell woods has been destroyed by trail bikes.

Some of the damage at Tattershall Carrs.

The damage at Tattershall Carrs in Lincolnshire was caused earlier this month and was reported to police by a member of the public.

Woodland Trust site manager Ian Froggatt said: “It’s really upsetting that someone would mindlessly destroy one of nature’s greatest spectacles like this, not just in the short term but quite possibly in the longer term as well. It will certainly be another two or three years before the bluebells recover and look as good again.

“Bluebells, and other woodland specialist flowers, are extremely delicate. Trampling them underfoot is bad enough but this another level.

“We do not tolerate trail bikes on our sites, especially places like Tattershall Carrs which is designated a site of special scientific interest (SSSi) and is irreplaceable ancient woodland.”

While the bluebells have been in flower, Tattershall Carrs has played host to an interactive trail that works alongside an app aimed at younger visitors.

The app sees two fairies Blue and Belle, spring to life and guide visitors around the wood, setting challenges to keep Big Old Foot the clumsy giant from trampling the precious bluebells.

Mr Froggatt added: “Although the bluebells peaked a couple of weeks ago, they would have still looked good for another couple of weeks had this damage not been caused.”

• Visitors to Tattershall Carrs who see trail bikes destroying any part of the site are asked to contact the police as soon as possible on 101.