Lincolnshire CCGs back campaign urging people to eat less salt.

Lincolnshire CCGs are once again supporting Salt Awareness Week which is running this week (March 4-10).

Health news

Many people now know that eating too much salt is bad for their health and are actively looking to cut down.

However, we are still well away from the UK maximum daily salt limit of six grams, highlighting a need for more action.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire’s CCGs said: “Many foods still have lots of hidden salt in them - even foods that don’t necessarily taste salty.

“We all have a responsibility to read the labels and choose foods with less salt, although it can be much harder to eat less salt when eating out in restaurants or ordering a takeaway.

“So, for this year’s Salt Awareness Week, we will be asking everyone to think with their hearts and add less salt!

“During Salt Awareness Week the call will be for more action from everyone to think about their salt intake, we can all do our bit to #EatLessSalt. You don’t have to add salt to your food to eat too much of it – around 75 per cent of the salt we eat is already in everyday foods, such as bread, breakfast cereal and ready meals.

“A good tip to help reduce the amount of salt in your diet is to taste the food you are going to eat before you add salt. Many of us add salt out of habit, but it’s often unnecessary, and your food will taste good without it.

“Almost everyone in the UK eats too much salt. If we could achieve a reduction in the average daily intake by adults of around three-gram, that would have a huge impact on reducing the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease.

“Many people add salt to food when cooking. But there are lots of other ways to add flavour to your cooking without using any salt.

“Black pepper, fresh herbs and spices are good, as is baking or roasting your vegetables and making sauces from tomatoes or garlic.”