Lincolnshire coronavirus: County on track with booster jabs

More than half of those aged 45 and above have had their COVID-19 booster jab in Lincolnshire, with just one full day to go before Christmas, the latest data shows.
Covid-19 vaccination centres are open today.Covid-19 vaccination centres are open today.
Covid-19 vaccination centres are open today.

Statistics released every Thursday by the government show that of those eligible, 50.5% of 45-49-year-olds have taken up the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine, with the number rising to 96.2% of 75-79-year-olds, but falling at the 80+ with 86.3%.

Around 45% of 40-44 year-olds have taken up the offer – not far off the half-way mark.

So far, 1,543,689 cumulative doses have been handed out in Lincolnshire, of which 378,871 are boosters and 561,733 are second doses.

The county performs greater than average across the majority of double dosed age ranges with at least three quarters of each age range having had their second vaccine.

The only age groups it falls below the national average are those aged 45-49, 65-69 and 70-74.

The data doesn’t yet record what percentage of under 18s have received their second dose, but does show 6,848 double doses have been given so far. It also shows that 77.1% of 16-17-year-olds and 57.5% of 12-15-year-olds have received their first dose.

In North East Lincolnshire a total of 294,488 doses have been handed out, including 68,698 boosters and 108,394 second doses.

Meanwhile, in North Lincolnshire a total of 330,485 doses have been administered, including 79,627 boosters and 120,371 second doses.

Both areas sit mostly below the national averages for vaccines given out in the majority of age groups.

Just 39.8% of 40-44-year-olds have received their boosters in North Lincolnshire and the figure only rises to 40.3% in North Lincolnshire.

There has been a big push for people to get their jabs prior to Christmas, with the expectation being that government could bring in new measures after the big day.

On Wednesday, hundreds queued at the Engine Shed in Lincoln as part of an initiative to help people who couldn’t reach the Lincolnshire Showground.

People can access their vaccine doses via booking through the National Booking System or on a walk-in basis at the county’s two Mass Vaccination Centres, the PRSA in Boston and the Lincolnshire Showground, though booking is still the preferred method.

Walk-in sessions will be available until 6pm Friday, December 24, along with from Monday, December 27 to Thursday, December 30 and from Sunday, January 2 after New Year.

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