Lincolnshire farmer's key role in water management

Lincolnshire farmer Robert Caudwell is the new vice chairman of the Association of Drainage Authorities (ADA).
Robert Caudwell, vice chairman of ADARobert Caudwell, vice chairman of ADA
Robert Caudwell, vice chairman of ADA

Mr Caudwell, from Friskney, was appointed from a list of three shortlisted candidates following interviews held at the offices of the Middle Level Commissioners in March, Cambridge.

Speaking after his appointment Mr Caudwell said: “I am delighted to be joining ADA at this important time and looking forward to working with the ADA team, our members and wider partners.

“I am very keen to visit as many members of ADA as possible in the coming year.”

The ADA’s chairman Henry Cator said: “Robert brings a wealth of practical knowledge and contacts throughout the water and flood management industry.

“Robert will be a strong advocate for the need to maintain our water level management assets and watercourses. I am delighted that he has joined our team at ADA and have every confidence that he will be a strong leader for the future.”

Mr Cator added: “The challenges resulting from our changing weather patterns have the ability to test our most robust systems. Resilience is going to play an increasingly important part in how we work in partnership with others to manage and defend our lowland environment.”

As vice-chairman of the ADA, Mr Caudwell will act as an ambassador for the association, promoting the importance of water level management and expanding public interest in the field.

A farmer who grows a mixture of arable and horticultural crops on 350ha of land in the Witham Fourth Internal Drainage District north of Boston, Mr Caudwell was chairman of the Anglian (Northern) Regional Flood and Coastal Committee from July 2005 until June 2015.

He has also been an active member of the National Farmers’ Union, as an NFU Council Delegate, and held a number of senior positions, including chairman of the union’s National Audit Committee.

Since November 2015, he has been a council member of the National Trust.

The Association of Drainage Authorities represents drainage, water and flood management authorities in the United Kingdom, with more than 230 member organisations and around 4,000 people working across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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