Lincolnshire motorbike rider Guy Martin smashes Wall or Death world record

Lincolnshire motorbike rider Guy Martin has smashed the Wall of Death world record.

Screen grab picture of Guy Martin on Channel 4's Guy's Wall of Death.

The larger-than-life motorcyclist and TV presenter clocked 78.15mph in front of a live audience on Channel 4 - the minimum requirement was to beat 60mph.

The Wall of Death was constructed in an aircraft hangar in Manby, near Louth.

Afterwards, he told the show - Guy’ Wall of Death: “I can’t take it in.”

Martin, who is famed for his TT riding, broke the record on a bike he had built himself.

He told the show: “Genuinely you could spend 10 years building a bike and it wouldn’t make a difference - the limiting factor there is me the human.”

And how did he celebrate? With a good old-fashioned cup of tea!

The Wall of Death requires the rider to ride a motorcycle around a vertical wall at high speeds.

Tonight’s record-breaking attempt saw the team build the largest Wall of Death in the world.

Prior to the attempt he had to learn to ride along a vertical wall at high speed while training his brain to cope with intense motion sickness.

During the ride he recorded a G-force of 6.69.