Lincolnshire Police could receive 75 per cent funding boost - report

Lincolnshire Police could be in line to receive a major cash boost under a new funding formula proposed by the Home Office, according to leaked analysis seen by The Guardian.

The tweet was posted earlier today
The tweet was posted earlier today

According to the newspaper, the leaked analysis models the impact of the Home Secretary’s proposed changes to police funding upon police forces across the country.

While the figures from the Police and Crime Commissioners Treasurers’ Society indicate that some major urban forces would face large reductions in their Home Office grants, other forces - particularly those in “leafy shires” - would receive a significant increase.

Out of all the forces listed in the report, Lincolnshire Police would receive the largest funding boost - a massive 75 per cent rise.

Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Alan Hardwick, has repeatedly called for a fairer funding deal for the county.

The Guardian report comes in light of the revelation that West Midlands Police Force is considering a legal challenge against Home Secretary Theresa May over the funding plans, which would result in the force’s Home Office grant being cut by 25 per cent.