Lincolnshire politicians: '˜Why we should leave the EU'

Some of the Lincolnshire's most influential politicians have joined forces and signed a letter calling for Britain to leave the EU in tomorrow's referendum (June 23).

The referendum is on June 23.

In the letter, the 40 politicians say they believe the county and the country would benefit from an ‘independent’ Britain.

The letter states: “By leaving the European Union, Britain will once again be able to address the unprecedented number of economic migrants coming into the county who are placing huge pressure on our schools, housing, welfare and health services.

“More jobs will be created in our county and country as we will cut the burden of endless Brussels’ bureaucracy on our businesses and so our small businesses through to large employers will be able to trade more freely with the whole world.

“Additionally, by leaving the European Union, we will regain control of our laws, our democracy and on those who govern us. We will be a sovereign country once again.

“Those who we elect we can remove, something that is impossible inside the undemocratic EU. By voting leave, our county, our country, and our future will be far brighter than if we remain in the European Union.”

The signatures feature several prominent Lincolnshire MPs including Sir Edward Leigh (Cons, Gainsborough), in addition to Lincolnshire County Council Leader Councillor Martin Hill; County Coun Colin Mair (UKIP Leader at Lincolnshire County Council); County Coun Stephen Palmer (Alford and Sutton); County Coun Tony Bridges (Louth Rural North); Louth Town Councillor Dan Turner; District Coun Will Grover (Hagworthingham), and County Coun Anne Reynolds (Mablethorpe).

• Meanwhile, Victoria Atkins MP has declared that she will be voting to remain in the EU - read her exclusive column on our website home page.