Lincs: A man is forced to turn to burglary after benefits were stopped

A man turned to burglary to exist after he was left without any income when his benefits were stopped, Lincoln Crown Court was told.
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Lee Hessey, 34, embarked on a string of sneak-in raids at business premises across Lincoln after he was sanctioned by the Department of Work and Pensions.

Phil Howes, prosecuting, said that Hessey carried out a total of seven raids during September and October looking to steal cash and items he could sell on for money.

The burglaries began on 4 September when Hessey sneaked in to the staff area of the Homemade Burger Company on the Brayford and made off with a lap top.

Later the same month he entered a kitchen in Lincoln College’s Sessions building and stole bacon and beef.

Hessey carried out similar raids on the staff area of the Stag’s Head pub on Newport and the Forum pub as well as two further burglaries at Lincoln College.

His final burglary was on 14 October when he sneaked into the cellar area of the Wig & Mitre pub on Steep Hill and stole fillet steak and rib eye steak.

Hessey ,34, of Horton Street, Lincoln, admitted seven charges of burglary.

David Eager, defending, said: “He was suspended from receiving any benefits at all and committed these offences for financial gain so that he could live.”

Hessey was given a 12 month jail sentence suspended for two years with supervision.

Judge John Pini QC, passing sentence, told him: “Your benefits had been stopped and this was in order to obtain money essentially to feed yourself.”

“These were non-dwelling burglaries.”

“They don’t involve damage. “

“Modest amounts were taken.”

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