Lincs: Results from the courts

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Stuart Bacon, 43, of Woodfield Avenue, Lincoln. Stole toiletries and groceries. Discharged conditionally for 12 months, £10 compensation and £40 costs.

Nicholas Benjamin Hancock, 38, of Carram Close, Lincoln. Stole alcohol. Fined £35, £8.39 compensation and £20 victim surcharge.


Anthony Paul Williams, 39, of Hurn Close, Lincoln. Damaged a car windscreen. Community order and 120 hours unpaid work.


Richard David Tomkins, 51, of Southdown, Lincoln. Production of Cannabis plants. Fined £110, £20 victim surcharge, detained in the courthouse and plants forfeited and destroyed.


Tina Taylor, 20, of Harpswell Close, Gainsborough. Assault. Discharged conditionally for six months and £15 victim surcharge.


Raymond Jonathan Venn, 45, of Heapham Road, Gainsborough. Speeding in excess of the 40mph speed limit. Fined £100, £20 victim surcharge, £85 costs and licence endorsed with three points.

Arturas Bieliauskas, 23, of Linton Street. Lincoln. Failed to provide a specimen of breath. Community order made, two month curfew from 8pm to 4am, £60 victim surcharge, £40 costs and disqualified from driving for 18 months.


Thomas Andrew Hancox, 27, of Colville Terrace, Gainsborough. Failed to comply with community order. Curfew made for 30 days between 7pm and 7am and £30 costs.