Lincs: Warning for farmers after criminals target their properties for waste disposal

The CLA is warning farmers and landowners in Lincolnshire to beware of criminals who could be targeting their property for large-scale disposal of waste.

This comes after the removal of 6.5 tonnes of rubbish from land at Swallow on the A46 by West Lindsay Council.

And also the Environment Agency uncovering large-scale illegal tipping of waste in Brigg, in the north of the county, in 2015.

CLA East Regional Director, Ben Underwood, said: “Waste regularly blights the countryside, whether it’s fly-tipping or organised, large-scale waste crime.

“This is a serious issue for rural landowners.

“If you have land well away from public highways, be extremely wary of people approaching you to store huge quantities of waste, often plastics and wood, on a temporary basis.”