Litter champions thanked by mayor

Boston Mayor, Coun Bernard Rush has praised the borough's Community Litter Champions after inviting them for afternoon tea.

Mayor Cllr Bernard Rush with Community Litter Champion Denise Lorriman, left, and Denise's carer Vikki Lee.

“What you do is shine a light - it’s noticed and we appreciate it,” he said.
Coun Rush thanked the volunteers for all they do in helping keep all areas of the borough clean and tidy at all times of the year.

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The volunteers support the council’s street cleaning team, including in the Big Boston Clean-up.

Jen Moore, Boston Borough Council’s environment and sustainability officer, told those attending that since April 5,046 people had received fixed penalty fines for littering and spitting.

She said catching dog fouling offenders is difficult because officers needed to be sure they had been seen in the act. However, the first £100 fine has been issued.