Little Ducklings Pre-school comes to Fulstow

A new branch of the Little Ducklings Pre-school has opened in Fulstow.

The pre-School is based at Fulstow Primary Academy, and is run by Naomi Brooker - who also runs the original Little Ducklings branch in North Thoresby.

Miss Brooker said: “I am so pleased to have another opportunity to work with a village primary school.

“I love our setting at North Thoresby and it continues to be amazing working with Mr Redmond at North Thoresby Primary Academy for the last five years, so I couldn’t miss this opportunity.

“Mr Grant at Fulstow shares my passion for working together and working with the local community. We are providing term-time care and education for children aged two to five years. The setting is beautiful with a capacity to have 18 children.

“We are so happy to have Miss Hillary back who is an Early years teacher and Bear Grylls instructor. We are also working together with the reception teacher for our first Christmas play.

“I am so looking forward to the future working with Mr Grant and the lovely village of Fulstow.”

• Call Naomi on 01472 840387 for further details.