Local firm launches Mature Fitness scheme with free health check, advice and gym use for over 50s

A sports performance company has vowed to get Worksop’s ‘mature’ residents started on the road to better fitness and health.

Bryan Pinder and Lync Performance coach Steve Chambers
Bryan Pinder and Lync Performance coach Steve Chambers

Lync Performance, based in the Apple Fitness building, on Bridge Place, are opening their doors to the over 50s and offering a free health check, expert advice and free use of the gym for the month of October.

Qualified massage practitioner and triathlon coach, Steve Chambers, believes it’s a vital service for the area.

“Lync Performance Group is a team of highly trained individuals with a wealth of experience in a variety of areas,” he told the Guardian.

“We train and develop top end professional athletes but also dedicate ourselves to getting involved in local projects such as the Mature Fitness campaign. Our specialist team will be ready to welcome anyone interested in the programme.”

Anyone over 50 interested in the Mature Fitness Drive will be eligible, subject to existing medical conditions, and the scheme will begin with a free mini health check.

Lync staff will then draw up a plan to improve the participants’ health and wellbeing.

Use of the gym’s range of fitness machinery and equipment will be provided free of charge, under the guidance of sports coaches, between the hours of 9am-12pm from Monday to Friday.

Service user Bryan Pinder, who had a quadruple heart bypass, double shoulder replacement, a new hip and has lost five-stone, is full of praise for staff at Lync.

He said: I thought that visiting the gym for the first time at 67-years-old was a bit like closing the stable door, I could not have been more wrong.

Call Lync Performance on 01909 484106.