Looking back at Eyres of Worksop Ltd

This week’s archive corner picture shows the original Eyres building.
Eyres of WorksopEyres of Worksop
Eyres of Worksop

Eyres first came to Worksop in 1899 trading from a building on Newcastle Street opposite the Wesley Chapel.

The shop made continual progress with a brief halt when, on 18th July 1911, the shop was completely destroyed by fire.

As the fire raged unabated it was feared the heat might cause Shaw’s store of gunpowder, paraffin and petrol to explode.

The assistance of Welbeck Abbey fire brigade was requested and by the time they arrived the trees in the street were burnt, telephone wires had melted and the doors of the Chapel across the road had been singed.

The fire broke out on the Tuesday and by the following Saturday Eyres reopened for business with a fully stocked new shop on Park Street.

There was further change in 1919 when an adjacent property was aquired and converted to provide showroom space.

And this is the Eyres that has been familiar to Worksop people for over 90 years.

Vacant premises were soon found on the corner of Westgate and Market Place with 35,000 square feet of floor space, where the store is situated today.

There was a six week break in trading in 1985 when all Eyres stores were sold to a property company.

However a new company was formed and the building was leased from the property company who purchased Eyres and Sons Ltd and began trading as Eyres of Worksop Ltd on 9th July 1985.

The building was purchased by the present Eyres in July 1991.

As a locally owned company, Eyres still strives to give the best selection and service possible.

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