Louth author Stuart to bring out second children's book

After securing a number one best seller with his last children's book - a Louth author will now be bringing out his second in September.

Stuart Spendlow. Photo credit: Vicki Head Photography.

Teacher Stuart Spendlow, 28, had amazing success with his last children’s book ‘PenguinPig’ in 2014 and now three years on is set to release new book ‘MonkeyCow’.

This latest children’s creation still has a strong web safety message and brings back the leading young girl from the first book - but now she’s older and out on a whole new adventure.

“I’ve had some time out to work on other things - but I felt like the time was now right to bring out a second children’s book,” Stuart said.

“The story doesn’t follow on from the last book, but still delivers a strong message about online safety when using the internet and we’ve used the same girl - although she’s now older.”

Stuart added that he’s come back to work with illustrator Amy Bradley, who has helped push the new book forward with some vibrant, more evolved illustrations.

The two of them have also collaborated together to open up their own publishing company, so they are able to release the new book solo.

Monkeycow is limited edition, with only 2,000 copies up for grabs. Plus if you pre-order prior to its official release on September 7, the first 200 people will get a copy, signed by both the author and illustrator.

1 To reserve your copy of MonkeyCow, please visit: http://www.penguinpig.co.uk/. If you missed out on PenguinPig, you can also buy the two as a set.