Louth boy’s Valentine’s Day gesture is a big hit

A kind-hearted schoolboy from Louth has put a smile on many young faces today (Thursday) after saving up his pocket money to buy a Valentine’s rose for all 68 of his female classmates so they didn’t feel left out.

Eight-year-old Callum Drew (right), with his brother Luke.

Eight-year-old Callum Drew presented the silk roses to all the Year Four girls at Lacey Gardens Junior Academy, as part of an ongoing tradition.

Previously, Callum would saved up his pocket money by working at his grandmother’s flower shop, but he has now started washing cars to raise the funds instead after his grandmother sadly passed away last year.

At the weekend, the youngster raised over £50 in just one day after choosing to spend all day washing cars.

Callum Drew (8) made sure that nobody felt left out on Valentine's Day.

In the end, Callum raised so much money that he was even able to spend the leftover funds to make cakes for everyone in his school class, his brother’s class, and his sister’s class.

This afternoon, Callum’s mum, Stacey Drew, revealed that today has been a ‘crazy day’ after attracting lots of attention both locally and nationally.

Posting on the ‘Move Louth Forward’ Facebook group, Stacey said: “I would like to thank everyone for all your kind words and for helping Callum.

“Its been a crazy day. He got over £70 so everyone in all three of my children’s classes got cakes.

“Parent and toddler group mums got flowers and chocolates. Teachers got cakes and chocolates.

“His girlfriend and 68 roses to the girls in his year. He did not want to miss anyone out. Thank you again!”