Louth couple's event to thank causes that helped their son Ellis

A Louth couple are organising a cake sale to raise funds for the two causes that helped their son after he was born four weeks early.

Liam and Gemma Jaines with son Ellis.
Liam and Gemma Jaines with son Ellis.

Gemma Jaines went into premature labour in November 2016 and gave birth to their first child, a son called Ellis.

She suffered complicatons when going into labour as Ellis was breech, (where he was facing the wrong way) and was swiftly transferred to Sheffield Children’s Hospital where he spent the next seven days before being allowed to go home.

“I gave birth to Ellis four week early and I had no idea he was breech until I went into labour,” Gemma explained.

Ellis was born four weeks early and needed special care.

Baby Ellis, was transferred to Sheffield from Grimsby by Embrace - a special transport organisation that transfers sick babies/children.

“Once he was at Sheffield he received the most amazing care by all the staff and after just a week was able to come home to us. We’re so thankful for all they did for Ellis.”

Now a healthy and happy five month old bouncing baby boy, both Gemma and her husband Liam want to show their appreciation by raising funds for Sheffield Children’s hospital Jessop’s Wing and Bliss Charity, the causes that supported the couple when Ellis was born.

Plus, they want to raise the money, so the two causes can continue to support families and their sick/premature babies.

Ellis was born four weeks early and needed special care.

The charity cake sale is set to take place this Saturday (April 15) at the Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society in Ramsgate, Louth.

The event will be held from 11am-2pm and the couple hope to raise as much as they can for the two causes.

On the day there will be a wide array of delicious homemade cakes, a number raffle and name-the-rabbit.

Just one of the prizes on offer is a huge chocolate hamper, so it’s an event worth going along to if you have a sweet toooth.