Louth Film Club's next showing is about a girl '˜witch'

A film about a young girl who has been labelled a witch will be shown by Louth Film Club at the Playhouse Cinema on Monday, June 4.

I am Not a Witch is the next show on Louth Film Clubs list.

‘I am Not a Witch’, Rungano Nyoni’s beautiful and mesmerising debut feature tells the story of youngster Shula who has been shunned by the villagers in Zambia.

The film, which manages to mix the ancient and modern, the ordinary and the bizarre, follows Shul, (Margaret Mulubra), as she is cruelly hawked around and ends up in a ‘witch camp’.

The film which is certified as an 12A will be on from 7.30pm at the cinema in Cannon Street.

Tickets are just £5 for LFC members and standard cinema price apply for non-members and concessions.

For more information and to see a full list of all LFC films set to shown during their new season, please visit: www.louthfilmclub.com.