Louth & Horncastle MP denies she is '˜out of touch' following EU vote

Victoria Atkins MP has responded to a damning report in a national tabloid which accused her of being one of the '˜15 most out of touch' Tory MPs in the country, following the European Union referendum last month.

Victoria Atkins MP.

On Monday (July 4), The Sun made the claims, based on research carried out by academic Matthew Goodwin, regarding pro-remain Conservative MPs who represent constituencies where a large majority of voters opted to leave the European Union.

Ms Atkins was 13th in the list, with 65 per cent of voters in Louth and Horncastle choosing to leave the European Union - despite Ms Atkins’ pro-remain stance. Across the district of East Lindsey, the figure was just under 71 per cent in favour of leaving.

In response to The Sun’s claim that she is ‘out of touch’, Ms Atkins responded: “Just because I have a different view does not mean I am out of touch. It just means that I have a different view.”

After the referendum results were announced on June 24, Ms Atkins told the Louth Leader and the Horncastle News that she accepted the will of her constituents and added that she “shall do (her) very best to abide by their wishes.”

At the same time, she also shrugged off calls from Louth and Horncastle UKIP branch chairman, Mike Beecham, for her to resign.

Topping The Sun’s ‘out of touch’ list was Matt Warman, pro-remain MP for Boston and Skegness, where 71 per cent of voters chose to leave the European Union.

The borough of Boston itself had the highest percentage of pro-’Brexit’ voters in the whole country, with 75 per cent opting to leave the European Union.