Louth & Horncastle's Labour candidate: '˜Corbyn must resign'

Matt Brown, who stood as the Labour Party's candidate in Louth & Horncastle at the general election last year, has called on Jeremy Corbyn to resign - claiming that he has 'failed to provide the leadership the Labour Party needs'.

Matt Brown stood as the Labour candidate for Louth & Horncastle at last year's general election.

Matthew, who currently sits on North East Lincolnshire Council, is one of 57 Labour Party candidates from last year’s general election who have signed a letter calling for Mr Corbyn to resign as the party leader - as they believe he cannot “command the confidence of the country.”

In a written statement, Matt Brown told the Louth Leader and Horncastle News: “Jeremy Corbyn is an extremely decent man, a hard working Member of Parliament, and a hard working individual. However, he has failed to provide the leadership The Labour Party needs.

“Speaking to people on the doors as a councillor, I hear often that people do not support Corbyn as they feel his views are out of touch and will not vote for Labour while he is Leader.

“It is deeply regretful that many of the Shadow Cabinet have felt the need to resign. However, for the sake of the UK they obviously feel there is no other option but to try and force him to resign. No one would have taken this decision lightly.

“The Labour Party is bigger then an individual, and must provide strong opposition and an alternative government to this incredibly divisive Tory Government that has hit the most vulnerable the hardest.

“Mr Corbyn must now do the right thing and allow a fresh leadership contest by tendering his resignation. It would be helpful if he stayed on in a caretaker capacity until a new leader was elected.”

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