Louth housing scheme to build up to 171 homes gets go ahead despite strong opposition

Controversial plans to build 171 homes on land off Brackenborough Road in Louth have been approved - even though a councillor has raised serious safety concerns.

The area marked out in red is the site for the new homes.

The outline proposal was approved with conditions at a meeting of ELDC’s planning committee last Thursday (March 8) - just weeks after plans to build 480 homes on the same site had been refused.

Councillors on the committee said there were no fundamental issues to reject the new application, again submitted by developers Metacre Ltd.

Also included in the proposal are plans to create a link road in Brackenborough Road through to the Fairfield Industrial Estate, together with a lay-by, open space, landscaping and ‘associated infrastructure’.

Development in this area of town has been met with strong opposition from local residents and town councillors as 148 homes are also currently being built on land off Fulmar Drive, near to Brackenborough Road, by Taylor Wimpey

Committee member Coun Jill Makinson-Sanders said she was against the plans.

She stressed the local infrastructure was not strong enough to support so many homes.

She added the proposed link road was not suitable for the additional traffic’.

She added: “Someone will be killed down there, I don’t want blood on my hands. I don’t think the plan is acceptable.”

Resident Amanda Young spoke out against the plans, highlighting concerns about an increase in traffic and safety concerns.

She said: “These plans would have a negative impact on the area, causing more traffic near to a dangerous junction where cars are parked on all sides.

“The local infrastructure is also not sufficient enough to cope.”

Councillors in the meeting were told ELDC’s long-awaited Local Plan recommended 129 homes had been earmarked for the site and the application meant they were considering an ‘additional’ 42 homes.

Planning Consultant Alexis De Pol, representing Metacre, arrived late after being delayed by poor weather on his way to the meeting, but he was allowed to speak.

Mr De Pol said there was a housing need for the town and it was ‘logical’ to build on the site as development was proposed in the Local Plan.

He added the application deserved to be supported, particularly when the extra amenities proposed by the developers were taken into consideration.

There was a mixed response from councillors to the application.

Coun Neil Jones said it was ‘difficult to go against the plans’ and believed the development would ‘tidy up’ the site.

But Coun Sid Dennis believed it was time to move things along. He said: “Fresh money buys fresh things and they’re trying to give people affordable homes.”

Alexis De Pol, Managing Director of De Pol who is representing developers Metacre, stressed plans for the Brackenborough Road site offer a mix of different elements that will be a benefit to the community.

He said: “This proposal seeks to deliver a wide mix of new homes for Louth and makes the best use of a site which has been identified as appropriate for development in the emerging local plan.

“While it is on the edge of the settlement, it is adjacent to previous residential development and we were able to demonstrate it is a sustainable location.”

Mr De Pol added developers have listened to the concerns of residents regarding traffic congestion and, as a result, had proposed a number of highways improvements to be delivered alongside the development.

Developers also aim to provide public open space, play facilities and public footpaths for the benefit of the wider community.

Further plans will now be submitted in more detail and an application for full planning permission will be submitted to the district council.