Louth man, 20, drove car while under the influence of cannabis

The smell of cannabis from a car was so strong that police officers in a car behind could smell it as it was drawn in through the air heating system, a court has been told.

Callum Hoggarth, 20, of Eastgate, Louth admitted driving whilst under the influence of cannabis, when he appeared before magistrates at Skegness on Tuesday (September 6).

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said that at 8.30pm on June 23, Hoggarth was driving a Renault Clio car with three other people as passengers in Churchthorpe, Fulstow, when the officers in a car behind him noticed the strong smell of cannabis and when they spoke to him found that he was ‘clearly under the influence of a substance’.

He said that a sample of blood was taken and he was found to have a reading of three microgrammes of the drug in a litre of blood, the legal limit being two.

Mitigating, Terry Boston said Hoggarth had been a ‘very silly boy’.

He was fined £200 with £115 in costs and charges and banned from driving for a year.