Louth murder trial (Dec 12): Trial delayed after defendant is unable to attend

The trial of a man accused of the murder of Louth mum Marie Gibson was today (Wednesday) delayed after the defendant was unable to attend.

Victim: Marie Gibson

Shane Murphy, who was Marie’s partner, was not at Lincoln Crown Court this morning when his trial was due to resume.

The case was adjourned until tomorrow after Judge John Pini QC apologised to the jurors.

The judge told the jury: “The defendant, as you can see, is not here. There are transport difficulties.

“He cannot get here today. It is as simple as that. It is not the defendant’s fault. Do not hold it against him.

“There are transport problems. He cannot get here.

“That means that there is nothing for you to do today. You have my sincere apologies.”

Murphy, 28, of Little Lane, Louth, denies the murder of Marie Gibson on June 9 this year.

He admits he killed Marie, but says his responsibility for doing so was diminished by reason of mental health condition he had at the time.

The jury has been told that Marie, 35, was savagely attacked by Murphy. She was struck with a baseball bat, stamped on and stabbed with a shard of broken glass.

Michael Auty QC, said that the attack, carried out in the front room of Marie’s home in Lacey Gardens, Louth, left her with injuries that were so serious she was unrecognisable.

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The trial continues.