Louth pals complete epic trek for horse safety awareness

Two Louth horse riders have taken on a monumental trek to raise awareness for horse rider safety on the roads - and raised £1,000 for three good causes in the process.

Megan and Emily headed all the way from Louth to Bramhope to raise awareness and cash for three charities.

Megan Koss and Emily Castledine, both 23, both wanted to raise awareness about the lack of bridleways in the Louth area by taking on the epic challenge this month.

Their original plan had been to ride their horses hundreds 
of miles from Louth to Loch Ness, but unfortunately the recent hot weather and their horses’ fatigue meant that they had to scale back their plans.

Nevertheless, Megan and Emily successfully rode over 75 miles from Louth to Bramhope in West Yorkshire over four days last week - often in 20 to 25 degree heat.

Megan and Emily, preparing for their epic challenge.

Megan rode her steed, a black Irish Cob named Jack, and Emily rode her Cob mare, named Pippa.

Megan and Emily headed through the Wolds to Caistor on the first day, then towards Thorne on the second day, and then onwards to Garforth and finally ending the trek in Bramhope.

Megan said: “On the fourth day, you could tell the horses were getting too tired. But we had a good time and we hope we got the message out there.

“We stopped at pubs on the way and told people about our challenge - they thought it was crazy!

“It was stressful at times, but we’re proud to have raised awareness and to raise the money for the three charities.”

In total, exactly £1,000 was raised which will be shared between Bransby Horses near Lincoln, the Alternative Animal Sanctuary near Coningsby, and the UK-wide British Horse Society.

Megan continued: “Our thanks go to our sponsors, Spire Windows and their sister company Thermotec, who supported us with equipment and our accommodation.

“Thanks also to all the individuals for their public donations over the last few months, and thanks to everyone who’s helped us along the way.

“It’s been eye opening how helpful people are if you just ask. It almost restores faith in humanity.

“Thank you to Joanne Pettit in Caistor, John and Janice Shields at Hayfields Livery in Thorne, and Maria and Graham at Garforth Riding Stables for their accommodation.”

Visit www.facebook.com/louth2lochness to find out more about Megan and Emily’s trek.