Louth Radio Control Car Club is pulling out all of the stops for its future

One of Louth's longest serving clubs is having to consider its future following uncertainty that they may not be able to continue at its usual venue.

Members of Louth Radio Control Car Club. You can also find them on Facebook.

Louth Radio Control Car Club has been based in the hall at Cordeaux School for the last ten years.

But now the Tollbar Multi-Academy Trust is taking over the running of the school, the club’s future running there is in doubt.

Vice chair of the club Rick Hellewell said: “The club has been going for over 20 years and its now unclear if we’ll be able to continue at Cordeaux.

“We would like to stay if we can, but there’s some debate over clubs using the facilities later at night, which we do.”

Mr Hellewell added that if they can’t stay, the main priority for the club is to keep going, so they are looking at alternative venues just in case.

Martin Brown, deputy chief executiv e of Tollbar Multi Academy Trust said that TMAT does allow community use of academies, but are reviewing the useage of all groups in the autumn.

“The Trust allows community use as long as the cost in terms of caretaker time to lock up is not prohibitive, such as late at night/overtime, and the use does not compromise the use of facilities by students,” Mr Brown said.

“We have written to all community groups using Cordeaux Academy to inform them that they can continue, but that we will review usage in the autumn term and then contact individual groups if there is a problem, such as finishing late.”

Louth Radio Control Car Club began in 1995 and started out at Ayscough Hall in the town. But the demand soon grew and the club had to find an alternative venue and have been at Cordeaux practically ever since.

The club welcomes both men and women and takes youngsters from age six (as long as they are accompanied by an adult). Current members even go up to age 70.

A loan car is available for anyone who wants to pop down and have a go. The club meets every Friday from 6-10pm. You can do it for fun or compete in national competitions if they want to take it further. Plus you can start up at the club on any budget.

1 The club is currently looking for new members and sponsors. To find out more information, please call Rick on: 07549527417. Or email: [email protected]