Louth restaurant applies for new licence - but police recommend refusal

Louth restaurant Le Taj has applied for a new alcohol premises licence just two months after their previous licence was revoked - but Lincolnshire Police have advised ELDC to refuse the application.

Alcohol licensing.

The Indian restaurant in Upgate had its licence revoked following the decision of ELDC’s Licensing Sub-Committee on May 27, following a compliance visit to the premises by Lincolnshire Police in February.

The visit had indicated there was “clear evidence” that staff members were working illegally due to there being no live Pay As You Earn (PAYE) scheme, according to a report by Lincolnshire Police.

The Council’s Licencing Compliance Section (LCS) has made a representation that a new licence should only be granted if the previous owner, Gias Uddin, can be proven to no longer have any involvement in the business.

Lincolnshire Police are seeking refusal of the licence, stating in their representation to the Council that they are of the opinion that the previous owner is still involved in the running of the business, and that “the licence application...is not an indication of a clean break from the old operating regime at the restaurant.”

Lincolnshire Police also state that they have concerns that the new owner and applicant is one of the illegally employed workers, and has made a “deliberate attempt to conceal his true position within the business”, adding that there is no indication in the application of any intention to change the existing style of operation at the business.

For this reason, Lincolnshire Police has stated that it believes it would be “highly inappropriate” for the new premises licence application to be approved.

• The decision will be made by ELDC’s Licencing Sub-Committee on Monday afternoon (July 25). More information as we have it.