Louth Scouts welcomed Victoria Atkins MP

Louth and Horncastle’s MP, Victoria Atkins, spent time last week speaking to Louth Scouts and their leader, Adrian Beech.

Victoria Atkins MP with Louth Scouts and their leader, Adrian Beech outside the Charles Street development. EMN-190319-130559001

Following International Women’s Day (IWD), Victoria spoke to the children about how the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, an official partner of the IWD celebrations, had changed since she was a Brownie in her younger days.

It is a relatively recent development that Scouts now admit girls as well as boys, as previously these organisations had been segregated by gender.

Ms Atkins said: “I was a Brownie myself as a little girl, so I was keen to speak to the boys and girls in Louth Scouts about how things have changed since then.”

“I was absolutely delighted to hear the children talk about the opportunities they have had through Scouting, and I was impressed to hear about the breadth of skills they learn while working for badges.

“It is so positive to see children working together to learn practical skills while having fun and breaking down societal ideas about masculine and feminine hobbies.”

The Scouts were keen to talk to Victoria about the work they have been doing to raise money to build a new Scout Community Centre in Charles Street.

East Lindsey District Council have agreed that the freehold can be transferred to the Scouts for £1 as part of a Community Asset Transfer (CAT) agreement if they can raise the necessary funds for the building in three years.

Commenting, Mr Beech said: “We have been working incredibly hard with our partners, HomeStart Lincolnshire & the Louth Croquet Club to raise the required £350,000 needed for the new Scout Community Centre to go ahead, and we have had fantastic support from everyone!

“This community-wide project has been well received by local residents and businesses, along with the local policing team who are frequently called to Charles Street due to anti-social behaviour problems.

“The services that will be available at Charles Street will benefit everyone in Louth.”

“It was wonderful to talk to Victoria about the project, and I think her support will stand us in good stead for future grant and funding applications.

Ms Atkins concluded: “I am so impressed by the amount that the Scouts have managed to raise already, and I wish them all the very best with the Charles Street project. I am particularly drawn to the fact that the entire community would stand to benefit from the new hub.”