Louth students dance their way to exam success

Students from Lisa Meanwell's Elite Academy of Dance in Louth have put their best foot forward and passed the most recent set of examinations with flying colours.

A number of students at Elite Acadmey of Dance in Louth have passed their recent exams with flying colours.

Those taking exams did them based around ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) Modern Theatre and Tap Dance.

Miss Lisa, principle at the school - based at The Meridian Leisure Centre in Louth was filled with pride following the official results that had come back.

She said: “The standard of these exams is extremely high - but yet again we got a fantastic set of results.

“I’m very proud of each and everyone of them and how hard they have all worked to achieve such high marks.”

67 dancers from five years and over took their ISTD exams.

The dance school’s next set of exams will include Ballet, Acro, Street and Cheerleading and will be held in July.

Miss Lisa added: “We had some fantastic marks with lots of distinctions.

“The marking system is extremely high for this exam board so we were delighted.

“Our highest pass mark was 92 per cent.”

For more information on classes at Elite Academy or fees visit: www.elite-academy.co.uk.

The school caters for youngsters from two years up and all abilities are welcome. The school is also great for fitness and to be meet new friends.