Louth swim star makes a splash with 1,000 metres at the age of five

A bright young swimmer from Louth is said to be one of the few kids in the country to swim 1,000 metres and he did it at the age of five.

=Swim star Henry Seagroatt pictured with his latest swim badges.
=Swim star Henry Seagroatt pictured with his latest swim badges.

Henry Seagroatt attends St Michael’s School in Louth and his mum Rebecca has been taking him swimming since he was a baby.

“I’ve taken Henry swimming for as long as I can remember,” Rebecca said.

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“He loves to swim, it’s all he wants to do.”

Henry, who celebrated his sixth birthday on Sunday (April 17) was determined to get his 1,000-metre badge before his birthday.

Proud mum Rebecca added that Henry was so focused and was determined to reach the milestone number.

“He was really happy to have made the 1,000-metre mark before he turned six. Rebecca explained. It was amazing on the day, everyone was cheering him on in the stands when they saw him in his orange swim cap, after they learnt what he was doing.”

It took Henry just 45-minutes non-stop to complete the 40 lengths.

Henry has been taught by teacher Nicola Gustard. She told Rebecca that children Henry’s age don’t usually swim such a length and she normally sees it done by children aged eight or nine normally.

Rebecca said: “Henry’s teacher Nicola said he has a real talent. We will certainly be signing him up for Louth Dolphins when he’s old enough. He’ll have to wait until he’s seven for that.”

Henry is now known to the staff at the Meridian Leisure Centre where he swims and they always stop to say hello.

“Everyone knows him now at the leisure centre, as he has a lesson there once a week and we taken him reguarly as well,” Rebecca said.

“We are really thankful for their support.”