Louth Town Council '˜will take on grass cutting agreement'

Louth Town Council has agreed to enter into an agreement to take on grass cutting responsibilities from next year, after receiving correspondence from Lincolnshire County Council.
Council TaxCouncil Tax
Council Tax

The town council agreed to enter into the agreement which will see them take on the amenity grass cutting within the town, of around seven cuts per year - compared to just two cuts in summer 2017 - at a net cost of £6,653.

This forms a large part of the precept recommendation made by the town council’s governance and finance committee, which will be voted on by all councillors at their meeting on January 9.

The recommended precept level is £269,286 which is a cash increase of 10.8 per cent - although the impact on ‘Band D’ Council Tax is at yet unknown, as the tax base figure has not yet been received from ELDC.

Earlier this month, town councillors received a letter from Steve Willis, Chief Operating Officer at the County Council, which stated: “Earlier this month, the provision of the grass cutting service was reviewed by the Highways and Transport Scrutiny Committee and a series of sixteen Parish Council cluster meetings were also held around the county.

“As a result, the County Council is to continue with, and look to expand, the current number of parish grass cutting agreements.

“These agreements are where the town/parish council receives County Council funding in lieu of the safety cuts, and you supplement this to provide a level of service that you consider best suits local needs.”

The County Council will make its final decision on the budget in February.

Louth was one of the few major areas to not take on amenity grass cutting during discussions this time last year, as the town council voted against a proposal to take on the service - at an annual cost of around £20,000.

This followed a reduction in funding received for grass cutting by the County Council, from central government, from £600,000 down to zero.