Louth Vegan Fair cancelled after ‘bird deterrent’ concerns

Louth’s first ever Vegan Fair has been cancelled due to the organisers’ concerns over a bird deterrent at the venue.

Vegan food (stock image)

The event had been due to take place at Louth Town Hall this Saturday (January 26).

However, due to concerns about the netting used to protect the building from bird droppings - which, as previously reported, inadvertently trapped some pigeons last summer which later died - the organisers have now cancelled the event.

A post on the Louth Vegan Fair Facebook page said: “It has been brought to the attention of the organisers that there is an ongoing issue between the Town Hall regarding the state of its current bird deterrent netting.

“With the matter causing some controversy amongst the local community, and still to be resolved, the organisers of the Vegan Fair have felt it is best to cancel all planned activities at this time.”

Louth Town Hall’s chief executive, Andy Howlett, responded to the claims and said: “This issue has been subject to an RSPCA check and various visits by netting companies, pets control. The netting no longer traps any birds and we check daily.”

He dismissed claims that further birds had become trapped in the netting, adding: “The problem initially arose due to the pigeons managing to loosen some edges of the netting and gaining access.

“In those areas we secured the gaps as best we could and made cuts to the netting to ensure that the birds can 
exit as well as enter.

“There haven’t been any more dead or dying birds since August at all. We haven’t been able to remove a body on the Cannon Street side of the building as we can’t get to it to do it. We have done everything we have been asked to do and are still trying to find a long term solution.

“We don’t want to upset anyone, and we work hard to ensure that Louth Town Hall remains an asset for the town.

“People will see pigeons behind the netting but if they stay long enough, they will see that they can get out.”

Mr Howlett added the RSPCA case is still open, which had been agreed until a ‘long term solution’ has been found and implemented.