Louth woman inspired by her surroundings has helped made her dream a reality

A budding artist who never thought she would reach her career aspirations has been inundated with commissions and gained a new lease of inspiration since moving to Louth.

Louth artist Clare Shaw EMN-160630-143734001

Clare Shaw has always been passionate about painting, but never dreamt she could make it her career until she moved to Lincolnshire.

With no formal training, but inspired by all the beautiful local wildlife around her, she picked up her pencil and began drawing hares, partridges and pheasants.

Now she is overloaded with work after showing her pictures to friends via Facebook.

“It’s all snowballed very quickly,” says Clare who moved from Gloucestershire to an arable farm on the outskirts of the Wolds to live with partner, Will Haggas, a couple of years ago.

“Painting has always been a hobby, but I never took it any further than my A-levels.

“I worked in publishing in London for eight years before moving up here but, as soon as I arrived, I just became so inspired by all the wonderful wildlife I started drawing again.”

Ms Shaw added: “I posted one picture of a hare on Facebook and it really has gone from there. Now it’s a full-time job rather than a hobby, but I absolutely love it as I can do it all from home.

“Everything I need is here – all my inspiration is on my doorstep.”

Clare has developed her own vibrant style after experimenting with water colours. Her unique style has quickly developed quite a following.

She is the artist in residence for the county’s Worlaby Shoot, while her pieces also grace the walls of several commercial and privately owned shoots in their rooms and properties.

Clare continued: “I specialise in capturing animal’s character and personality with a modern twist. I love painting working dogs, and game – the birds all have such amazing characteristics and they’re all different.

“I just can’t believe how lucky I am.”

Her hopes for the future are to continue doing the job she loves and to host her own exhibition in the not too distant future. To find out more about Clare’s work visit: www.clareshaw.gallery.