Louth woman loses nearly eight stone in weight

A Louth woman who has lost a staggering seven stone and nine pounds has seen a dramatic improvement in her health and has been able to reduce her medication for diabetes.

Louth Weight Watchers coach Zoe Patrick is ready to help you on your weightloss journey.

Stephanie Alne, (59), joined the Weight Watchers group at Louth Golf Club in February 2017 and as well as losing a massive amount of weight, she’s gainedconfidence, friends and discovered a new mindset about food.

Ms Alne, (who didn’t yet want to be photographed), said: “I feel like a new person and it’s great to see an improvement in my health and I’m hoping my story will inspire others who have struggled with their weight to give Weight Watchers a go.”

She said her diabetes is now a lot more controlled and is getting healthier and still hopes to lose more weight.

Ms Alne commented: “I don’t see Weight Watchers as a diet, it’s a healthy lifestyle choice and I now come into the group with a smile on my face and happy that I’m finally able to take control, exercise and enjoy food again.”

Weight Watchers coach Zoe Patrick said she is so proud of how far Stephanie has come and is so pleased with all of her members.

She added: “Every member’s journey is different and they are all very important, I just try to do my best to give them the right choices and help get them into the right mindset.”

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