Louth youngsters targeted by ‘older man’ on Instagram

A Louth secondary school has warned pupils and parents to be vigilant after an older man tried to contact young students through Instagram.

Warning over social media

The private Instagram profile - which goes under the user name ‘LFC_z1’ and does not have a name attached - has allegedly been sending inappropriate messages to children and young adults in the local area.

Last week, on a Facebook group for parents of Louth Academy pupils, one concerned parent posted: “Can all parents check their girls’ Instagram accounts and make sure they are not friends with someone called LFC_z1.

“I’ve just received a call from the school about this... Luckily my daughter blocked him as she didn’t know him!”

Another added: “Please please please, I’m begging you, check your kids’ devices, even if they say he hasn’t been in contact.

“My daughter said he hadn’t due to fear, when he actually had.”

One parent replied that another private Instagram account with the username ‘westeast724’ - which also has no name attached - has also allegedly sent unsolicited messages to youngsters.

Martin Brown, Executive Principal of Louth Academy, confirmed: “We were made aware last week that an older man had tried to contact some students through an Instagram group.

“We contacted the parents of the children named in the Instagram group to alert them of the issue. The police are aware.

“We will always try and help parents to safeguard children online whenever we receive information like this.”

• If you have concerns, or if your child receives similar messages on social media, contact the police on 101.