Louth's HSBC branch '˜keep fit' to raise funds for dementia

Stasff at the Louth branch of HSBC are spending this week taking part in '˜keep fit week', which is raising funds for Dementia.

Staff at the Louth branch of HSBC bank are 'keeping fit' this week to raise funds for dementia.

Anyone who pops into the bank will see employees taking it in turns on a bike, cycling as many miles as they can.

Their aim is to cycle 500 miles, an average of 100-miles a day.

They’ll try to raise as much as possible and the bank will match the final total, pound for pound.

The banks’ premier relations manager, Bryan Jessop, is doing a cycle ride on Friday from the Louth branch, to Horncastle and Skegness.

and back to raise further funds.