Lumberjills are invited to share Wartime memories

women who worked as lumberjills in Notts woods during the Second World War are being invited to share their memories.

The women, who filled in for male lumberjacks away fighting, made a vital contribution supplying timber for use as pit props and in explosives and aircraft manufacture.

The Forestry Commission wants to hear from anyone who served in the Women’s Timber Corps so that their achievements can be celebrated.

Jo Atkinson from the Forestry Commission said: “At its peak the WTC had up to 8,000 members, young women who left home for the first time and were billeted with families or in camps.”

“They felled and planted trees, measured them and drove tractors. “

“It was tough work as every tree had to be cut down by hand.”

If you or a family member served in a Notts woodland call Louise Fleetwood on 01623 821457 or email [email protected]