Mablethorpe Coastwatch team welcome Nottingham University vice chancellor

Mablethorpe Coastwatch Institution (NCI) had what was said to be an interesting talk by Dr Robert Dugdale, (BSC), who came down from Nottingham University.
Dr Robert Dugdale gave an interesting talk on tidal surges.Dr Robert Dugdale gave an interesting talk on tidal surges.
Dr Robert Dugdale gave an interesting talk on tidal surges.

Dr Dugdale spoke at the NCIs monthly training meeting, held last month on tidal surges and coastal erosion.

The talk was held at Mablethorpe Community Centre.

The Mablethorpe team also invited members of the local HM Coastguard, members of the Mablethorpe RNLI, and members of the Saltfleet Haven Boat Club, along with their colleagues from Skegness NCI, to attend as the main subject was the ‘causes of tidal surges’.

Dr Dugdale gave the teams present a brief metrological overview of how these surges develop, especially on the North Sea coast locally.

He discussed at length cause and effect and how certain types of weather can develop these surges, giving the members an insight into the vagaries of our local weather system.

Dr Dugdale also explained in detail what the results were of the Tidal Surges experienced earlier in the year, and what to expect in the future.

All search and rescue team members are trained in weather observation, as part of their training.

The members of HM Coastguard said after the lecture that it had been very informative and they thanked Mablethorpe NCI for organising an excellent training evening.

The evening was rounded off by light refreshments provided by the ladies support group of Mablethorpe NCI Team.

There was also a question and answer session with Dr Dugdale on any salient points raised throughout the lecture.

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