Mablethorpe market cancelled due to high winds

The regular Thursday market in Mablethorpe has been cancelled this week (March 14) due to potential bad weather.

Bad weather

Sue Archibald, deputy clerk at Mablethorpe & Sutton Town Council, said: “The regular Thursday market in Mablethorpe is cancelled due to severe weather due to a forecast of rain and gusting high winds up to 47mph, all day, as last week.

“Gusting high winds are a particular problem on the market as there is a risk of injury to traders and the public from flying boards, rails, canopies, stock, etc and insurances are rendered invalid if trading in unsafe conditions.

“Trading without canopies can sometimes be an option in fine weather, but, where rain is also forecast this poses an additional risk of damage and loss of stock.”

Ms Archibald added: “We hope that normal service will be resumed next week!”