Mablethorpe set to be included in '˜Street to Suite' police initiative

The innovative '˜Street to Suite' initiative where G4S vans transport people arrested on the street to a police custody suite will be expanded in Lincolnshire from this weekend - and will now include Mablethorpe and the coastal strip.

The innovative Street to Suite initiative will now include Mablethorpe and the coastal strip.

The ‘Street to Suite’ facility enables arresting officers to avoid wasting valuable time escorting the people they have arrested, and to stay out on patrol whilst the prisoners are taken to the nearest custody suite for processing.

Andrew White, Assistant Chief Officer for Lincolnshire Police, said that as part of Force’s commitment to meeting summer demand at the coast, the facility is about to be expanded to Mablethorpe.

He commented: “Up to now the facility has been based at Spalding, operating in the south of the County to Boston custody suite.

“For the eight remaining weeks of the summer season a van and crew will also be based at Mablethorpe from Friday to Sunday, inclusive and provide prisoner transfer to Skegness custody suite from all the locations along the coast.

“This is a further demonstration of the value of our partnership with G4S and the fact that they have been able to resource and train staff and provide a van within a very short time scale.”

Fiona Davies, G4S service delivery director at Lincolnshire Police, reveals G4S have provided these services in seven other forces and is pleased to be expanding the involvement to relieve pressure on the patrolling officers.

She said: “This is a practical example of this Strategic Partnership with Lincolnshire working and where the Force is really feeling the benefit.”

Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, Marc Jones, also fully supports the initiative and its expansion to new areas in the County.

He said: “It means officers can spend more time in our communities, policing our streets and keeping our residents safe instead of spending times shuttling detainees to custody suites.”

“It’s yet another project designed to ensure we make the most effective and efficient use of our highly trained officers on the front line.”

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