Mablethorpe woman's book launch this week

A Mablethorpe woman's book which explores the difficult world of mental illness is set to be launched by Olympia Publishers this Thursday, (October 25).

Julie Limbs book - The Hub - will be officially launched by her new publisher this Thursday, (October 25). She is pictured with husband Nigel.

Julie Limb, (51), who writes under the name Joni Daniels, said she brought out her book, ‘The Hub’, as a way for her to get things out of her head following the battle with her own mental health problems.

Her husband Nigel Limb, (featured on our front page this week), was involved in a serious accident in 2015, which sent Julie herself into a downward spiral, which resulted in her being hospitalised.

She said: “Myself and Nigel have battled hard to get through this.

“We’ve been through a lot of things people shouldn’t have to go through, but we’ve made it.”

Mrs Limb revealed the book is a work of fiction but, in part, is also based on some of her own experiences, and she admitted it’s “very gritty and doesn’t hold back”.

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