Mablethorpe woman's book secures publisher prospects

A woman from Mablethorpe who self published her own fiction book two years ago has recently had it picked up by a publisher - opening up more prospects for the future.

Julie Limb and her husband Nigel.

Julie Limb, (51), had her world turned completely upside down and back again, after her mental health began to spiral after husband Nigel suffered serious brain damage following an accident in 2015, and she fell into a psychotic state and was hospitalised.

The couple admitted it was a long road to recovery, but both amazingly fought back with everything they had in them and came out the other side.

Nigel has been left partially sighted, and Julie is still recovering, but the pair remarkably always think of others and help people out with their own personal struggles however they can.

Julie, who has brought out book, ‘The Hub’, and writes under the name Joni Daniels explained: “Myself and Nigel have battled hard to get through this.

“With Nigel’s accident and my mum passing away not long before, I had reached my breaking point.

“We’ve been through a lot of things people shouldn’t have to go through, but we’ve made it.”

Mrs Limb said writing the book was therapy for her, and a way of getting everything out of her head.

The book is a work of fiction but, in part, is also based on some of her experiences, and she admitted it’s “very gritty and doesn’t hold back”.

On the news of gaining a publisher, Julie added: “It’s amazing. It will help me take the book to places I couldn’t. I am hoping one day the book will be made into a film.”