‘Major growth’ is promised for town

HUGE plans have been unveiled that will see Gainsborough become ‘a focus’ for employment and growth in the next 20 years.

The Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Unit has approved 26 draft policies for growth, with officials saying that they will ‘have a major impact on Gainsborough’.

West Lindsey District Council leader Burt Keimach says it means Gainsborough is classed as a ‘Primary Attractor’ – giving way to a major housing boom over the next 20 years that will result in fully 23 per cent of Central Lincolnshire’s development taking place in Gainsborough.

“We envisage most of the growth in our sector will happen in what we are calling the designated Gainsborough Urban Area, roughly the town itself, with Lea and Morton,” said Coun Keimach.

“This all means at least 10,000 more homes, out of the more than 40,000 for the entire central area, will be built in Gainsborough.

He added: “This growth will feature a minimum of 25 hectares of land dedicated to employment, including factories, retail centres, and Internet warehouses.”

Gainsborough MP Edward Leigh said: “It’s encouraging to see Gainsborough now going from strength to strength, especially since the completion of Marshall’s Yard.”

“Despite a worrying economic situation around the country, Gainsborough is growing.”

“I very much welcome the expansion of the Ping complex, which is a world-class facility.”

Mr Leigh continued: “I must salute West Lindsey District Council and local business leaders for their efforts in maintaining and improving our patch of Lincolnshire.”

“We all have to work together to ensure the opportunities exist to keep Gainsborough a sustainable and lively place to be, and I think these developments show that we’re heading in the right direction.”

The next meeting regarding the Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Unit will be Monday 6th February at West Lindsey District Council to fine tune the draft policy ready for consultation.