Man and woman charged after Biscathorpe protests

A 74-year-old man and a 60-year-old woman have been charged following incidents at a protest in Biscathorpe, near Louth, on Friday (January 4).


Godphrey Jones, 74, of Burton Road in Lincoln, has been charged with wilfully obstructing a highway with a non-motor vehicle.

Karen Williams, 60, of Harrier Court in Lincoln, has been charged with obstructing a constable in execution of duty.

Both of the defendants are due to appear at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court in February.

According to reports, opponents of Egdon Resource’s oil drilling operation at Biscathorpe have recently taken part in sit-down and slow walking protests outside the site.

Lincolnshire Police Chief Inspector, Phil Vickers, said: “Our local policing team is committed to facilitating the right to peaceful protest in public, whilst balancing the rights of those also going about their business in the community.

“We continue to work with local partners to strike the right balance.”