Man from Skegness faces 10 years jail after stabbing incident

A 66-year-old Skegness man has been given a 10-year jail sentence for wounding another man with a knife following an argument.

Ian Brown ANL-180314-115938001

Ian Brown, of Scarbrough Avenue, was handed a 10-year sentence after being found guilty at trial for the charge of wounding with intent.

Officers received a report at 1.45am in August 7 last year that a man had been stabbed with a kitchen knife and had received deep wounds.

Emergency services arrived to assist the man, who pointed out to officers that following an argument with Ian Brown, whom he had been visiting, Brown had stabbed him with a kitchen knife.

Officers detained Brown at 2.58am, and he was charged, remanded in custody, and put in-front of Lincoln Magistrates on August 6.

He pleaded not guilty and was sent to trial at Lincoln Crown Court on February 5, where he was found guilty.

OIC Rebecca Latto, CID Skegness, said: “The two men were having a drink together on the night of August 6 last year, and upon having an argument; Brown has stabbed the victim, inflicting severe wounds on his side.

“This left the victim struggling back home before he managed to phone for help. This kind of violence and out-of-control behaviour showed that the offender needed to be put before the courts and punished for his actions.”