Man had adverse reaction to drugs

A CRESWELL man who injected drugs died despite efforts by his bride-to-be to save him.

Joiner Christopher Hinchliffe, 45, was plagued by cystic fibrosis and deteriorating health led to him losing his job last year.

An inquest in Chesterfield heard that he used illegal drugs from time to time as a ‘relief’ from his condition.

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Mr Hinchliffe died at his home in Model Village on 9th June - two months before he was due to marry partner Louise Smith.

Friend Joe Dale told police he was invited to the couple’s home on 8th June. He said he met his friend every two months for a drink and to share amphetamine, which Mr Hinchliffe had described as ‘a good high.’

They injected amphetamine mixed with water and Mr Hinchliffe prepared a second syringe containing crushed Ecstasy tablets.

Mr Dale, who has since moved to Devon and did not attend the hearing, said he had around five injections and left around 6pm the next day.

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Ms Smith told the inquest her partner had a bad reaction to the drugs after Mr Dale left.

“He was on all fours, making unrecognisable noises and his body was thrashing around. He was shouting out deliriously. He made a gasping noise and nothing else moved and he stopped breathing,” she said. She gave him chest compressions, attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and jabbed his epi-pen into his thigh, all to no effect.

Pathologist Dr Deidre McKenna said Mr Hinchliffe died from Ecstasy and amphetamine toxicity, adding that he may have suffered a fit following swelling to the brain. Deputy North Derbyshire Coroner Nigel Anderson recorded a verdict of death from non-dependant abuse of drugs.

Mr Hinchliffe’s adoptive mother, June, said: “I understood he took them as a relief, to alleviate his state of life for a few hours, and he obviously went too far.”