Man stole to feed his habit

An Aston man has been given a community order after stealing over £2,000 worth of metal from his former employers.
Rotherham Magistrates Court, Main Street, Rotherham.Rotherham Magistrates Court, Main Street, Rotherham.
Rotherham Magistrates Court, Main Street, Rotherham.

James Robinson, 22, of Eagle View, admitted the thefts between 14th November and 10th February.

He also admitted a further charge of possessing heroin on 10th February.

Mark Hughes, prosecuting, told Rotherham Magistrates’ Court Robinson had been employed by engineering company AES Seals.

“But he was dismissed a few days before the incident,” he said.

“Police officers attended in the vicinity of the company on Sunday 10th February because of the reports of thefts.”

“They found a vehicle parked nearby that was registered to the defendant.”

He was located nearby and told police he had been stealing metal from his old work and that the ‘stuff is down there’.

Three copper bars were recovered, and on searching his vehicle more metal was found along with a wrap of heroin, which was worth around £5.

“The metal that was recovered was valued at about £600,” continued Mr Hughes.

“He admitted taking the metal on a number of occasions, and on 17 separate occasions he sold metal from the company for about £2,000.”

“He said he kept a key fob from his employer which allowed him to access the security barrier. He was stealing to buy heroin,” he added.

Mary Rose Macadam, defending, said Robinson had never been before the courts before, but had developed an addiction to heroin which he had had for ‘a number of years’.

“He was funding his addiction through paid work, and had been in this job for six years after starting as an apprentice,” she said.

“He accepted fully what he had done when it was put to him and took responsibility for taking the metal.”

She told the court that Robinson had been successful in getting further employment in another engineering company and had started work there last week.

“In spite if his drug use he has been able to continue to work,” she added.

Robinson was given a 12 month community order, with a nine month drug treatment requirement. He was ordered to pay £50 costs and £60 victim surcharge.

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