Margaret Dickinson showcases new book in Louth

Lincolnshire's own favourite author Margaret Dickinson was signing copies of her new book, The Poppy Girls at MSR Newsagents in Louth last week.

Book signing: Popular Lincolnshire author was at MSR Newsagents in Louth last week.

This is Ms Dickinson’s 25th book and she shows no signs of retiring any time soon either.

Having a number of best sellers under her belt, this new book has been revealed as the first one to become part of a trilogy.

The Poppy Girls follows the story of Pips Maitland who has the desire to become a doctor just like her brother Robert, although her mother would rather her settle down and have children instead.

The book is set in 1914 and the future is an uncertain one.

She hears that her father’s friend, Dr John Hazelwood, is forming a flying ambulance corps to take to the front lines and Pips is determined to become one of its nurses and asks Alice Dawson, her maid, to go with her.

But nothing could of prepared them for the sights they encounter.

The book is on sale now.