Mark wins fight for Crowle boxing club

A boxing club for Crowle is set to become a reality soon – thanks to the efforts of one determined sports coach.
Crowle Boxing ClubCrowle Boxing Club
Crowle Boxing Club

Professional boxing coach Mark Lappin, of Ealand, has battled for the facility he believes to be crucial for people of all ages, but especially the Isle’s young people, for over a year.

At a recent meeting with deputy leader of North Lincolnshire Council John Briggs, Mark, 42, was told the venue of Crowle’s former youth club will be available shortly.

The Level Two coach and child protection officer who has produced ABA and middleweight champions, said demand is huge for the club. Isle fire crews are among those who are keen to train under Mark and his three volunteer coaches.

Following his meet-up with John Briggs and Tom Coburn, assistant director of sport, leisure and culture at North Lincolnshire Council, Mark has formed a constitution, created safeguarding and child protection policies, and has secured insurance for his non-profit making venture.

He hopes to register the club with England ABA.

Mark said: “As yet no funding has been offered but I have personally raised £2,500, with £1,500 from Crowle company Bellamy and Sons Haulage. I also have a four-strong committee.

“This has been a long drawn-out process but I am passionate about bringing this club to the area. The waiting game, however, continues to be frustrating when I am besieged by calls and enquiries from all over the Isle.”

He continued: “I have done everything required of me by the Council and expect some good news very soon on moving forward.

“I have had strong support from Crowle mayor Ron Stewart, for which I am very grateful.”

Recent anti-social behaviour issues in Crowle led residents to voice their support for a boxing club in the town to provide activity and direction for young people on social media.

There will be competitive boxing training available, along with classes for both children and adults, men and women of all abilities.

Tuition will begin from age five with ladies’ boxing and boot camp fitness for over 40s. Keen youngsters aged 10 and over will get the chance to compete for Crowle Boxing Club and Mark believes there is some serious talent waiting to be developed in the area.

Coun John Briggs said: “We have met up with Mark Lappin to offer support and advice on setting up a boxing club in Crowle. We’ve always supported boxing clubs in the past in North Lincolnshire as we recognise that they bring about many benefits for the community. They are fantastic for young people to improve their health and well being, it keeps them active and develops community cohesion.

“Voluntary groups can apply for the council’s Community Grant funding if they are eligible. Apply online at: site.”

Anyone who has not yet registered their interest in the club can call Mark on 07988829912 or email him at [email protected] address.

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